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Today is the day.  I have prepared myself in all the ways I know how to.  I am starting the Whole 30 Challenge today! Chase and I went shopping at Whole Foods in Dallas this weekend, cut up, pre-cooked, and planned meals to ready ourselves for this endeavor.  I think that obsessing over it this weekend is what caused my nightmare last night.  Here is how it went down:

Side-note: After researching and reading all weekend about the Whole 30, it is very evident that you CANNOT CHEAT.  AT ALL.

This dream is very similar to the day before the first day of school ones….you know…the one where you go to school with no pants on, or everyone else’s school supplies are better than yours.  What? You didn’t have that one? Well last night….I actually had a dream that I ate left over Chinese food from the refrigerator for lunch today and then realized what I had done.  In my dream I bawled and cried.  I remember thinking to myself, “what am I going to tell Chase?, How did I let myself do this?, What am I going to put on my blog?” Then…my alarm went off and I realized it was all just a crazy nightmare.  I ended one nightmare to start another one.  A real life nightmare….RUNNING. Ok…so I’m being dramatic, but it did SUCK!

I was the only one that showed up for today’s morning class, so Kristin gave me a workout to do that will be a good benchmark test for my eating challenge.  We are going to do the same workout in 30 days and see how I feel.  I’m hoping it is lots better than I did today!!

I’ll be logging my meals on the Whole 30 page of my blog and writing updates on how I’m doing, feeling, and OWNING this challenge.  Say a prayer for me.




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Crossfit Sexy

You be the judge….and be honest….which is sexiest??

Sexy weight lifting gloves


Sexy hand calluses

This is a problem.  You don’t even really have to vote…because I know the cold hard facts are that they both suck.  I was trying to decide if I wanted to get the rather “butchy” weight lifting gloves to prevent the hand calluses that are becoming more prevalent with each passing day, and decided to go ahead and get some over the weekend.  I picked out the cheapest pair (duh)at Academy and snuck them onto my hands before lifting weights Monday morning.  The result…feeling like a big SISSY.

Yeah…I think that the calluses are somewhat gross and unlady like…BUT they are a constant reminder to me of the work I am putting in everyday to change my body.  Also…one of my coaches told me that Crossfitters don’t wear gloves! 🙂

So here is my conclusion to this “dilemma”: Crossfit IS changing my body.  In some awesome and not so awesome ways.  I have man hands, bruised legs, sore muscles, black knees and more acne than ever before.  BUT I also have a smaller waist, more defined legs, more energy, and more confidence than I have in a really long time.  So all things considered…even as I type with my “man hands”…I have to say that I haven’t felt this “sexy” in very long while! I’m Crossfit Sexy! 🙂

New Pages on My Blog

I got rid of my “Recipes” page (who was I kidding) and added a new one today.  I’m going to be keeping up with my workouts on my blog…mostly as a way to keep track of progress, but also as a way to share with everyone else  a LITTLE BIT about what Crossfit is like.  (To get the full affect…you have to come check it out.)

I’m also thinking about starting the Paleo 30 Day Challenge and will be keeping up with my progress during the challenge on my blog.

One last thing.  I found this quote while “stumbling” on (my favorite pass-time) and had to share it.  It reminded me so much of times I become jealous of other women and their perfectly cute selves.  I had an “ahh haa” moment when I read it and realized that having a healthy body isn’t about luck…it’s about taking care of the one you got!

“When the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, it may be that they take better care of it there. “

~Cecil Selig

On the pod.

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Hey Friends.  I know it’s been forever since I’ve shared what’s on my mind, but it’s not because there is nothing on my mind.  PROMISE! Life has been pretty busy!  I have been working hard @ Crossfit, furniture, my “real” job, and making moving plans.  And of course squeezing in time with Chase!

Right now though…I’m putting together a playlist.  I am reluctantly starting a Couch to 5k program with my sister tomorrow and I’m getting prepared.  If there is one thing that I dread to see when I show up at 5:15 AM for my Crossfit workout…it’s RUNNING! If you are having 365 to Skinny deja vu…it’s because I have visited this disdain on my blog before.  Yeah…it’s still there over a year later! I will lift weights, do pull-ups, kettle bell swings, GHD, tire flips,  jump rope, even double unders (because I can do those now! 🙂  I just hate to run.  So of course I showed up at the BOX last friday morning to see the following workout on the board:

3 Rounds:

RUN 400m

15 Pull-ups

15 Dips

15 Box jumps

After complaining, dreading, whining, and finally running…while laying on the ground….near death….I decided that in order to advance my health and fitness…I’m gonna bite the bullet.  I’m going to once again attempt to overcome my fear and disdain for running.  I decided to make a pump-up playlist to help ease the pain and pass the time.  Here is what’s on the pod.

Title: Make this Less Painful

1.  Eye of the Tiger- Survivor (duh)

2.  Beat the Clock- Sparks

3.  Circuital- My Morning Jacket

4.  Every Teardrop is a Waterfall- Coldplay

5.  Rolling in the Deep- Adele

6.  Give me Everything- Pitbull

7.  The Cave- Mumford & Sons

8.  Home- Edward and the Magnetic Zeros

9.  This is the Stuff- Francesca Battistelli

10.  More- Usher (had to)

11.  Only Girl- Rihanna

12.  The Thread- Cary Ann Hearst

13.  Ecstacy- Darude (had to have techno)

14.  Bad Romance- Lady Gaga

15.  Break Your Heart- Taio Cruz

16.  Funny the Way It Is- Dave Matthews Band

17.  Gypsy- Fleetwood Mac

18.  Three Little Birds- Bob Marley 🙂

19.  Could You Be Loved- Bob Marley

20.  Club Can’t Handle Me- Flo Rida

21. Don’t Stop Believing- Journey

I start in the AM.  Pray for me around 5:15.  Wait….sane people aren’t awake then! 🙂  I have my phone app downloaded, playlist on the iPod, clothes laid out….ready or not!


“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” 
– Bob Marley

(Let’s hope so anyway!)




Lessons Learned. Now I know.

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Hey Friends!

Today I am going to share a few things that I have learned in the past couple of weeks.  Maybe they will help you along your journey in life.  Maybe not.  Either way….

Lesson #1: If you are brave enough to buy a used couch at a consignment sale,  lint roll the thing before you buy, lest you find ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF CAT HAIR ON IT LATER!

Oh yes.  That’s right.  I was in denial that it was a “problem” for a few hours.  My first clue was the fact that Romo would not stop smelling the thing, but what doesn’t the dude sniff obsessively?  Second clue was that my allergies BLEW UP all of a sudden, but it could have been the weather.  The undeniable clue was when Chase sat on the couch in his white polo shirt and got up looking like a Calico Cat.  BLACK HAIR EVERYWHERE!

Here is some proof for you non-believers:

Please note…for dramatic purposes…that this hair was collected by a lint roller AFTER the cushion covers had been washed and dried.  Please also note…that it took almost a whole lint roller before I could roll hair-free.

This life lesson just confirms my long-lasting disdain for the feline community. (No offense cat lovers.  I love y’all…just not your pets.)

Lesson #2: It is worth the hassle to tackle a couch infested with cat hair when the outcome is a cute, eclectic little thang.  

I have great plans for this little dandy.  I’m thinking some Amy Butler upholstery fabric and a new paint job is in the works.  Eventually.

Lesson #3: It is not okay to buy a Hot & Ready Little Caesar’s Pizza and eat it for dinner and then breakfast the next day, no matter how poor you are.  

Nor is it okay to make it a CRAZY combo because it’s free with a collegiate card.  Yes.  I’m ashamed of myself.  Yes.  It was deliciously gross.

Lesson #4: When you are lazy and slack off from working out for a week, your first workout back in the saddle makes you feel like straight poo-poo.  

I may, or may not have cursed at my coach during Monday’s workout.  I also may or may not have wished for death during the midst of said workout.  I was sick at the beginning of last week and have been battling some serious self defeating thoughts and behaviors.  So…excuses, excuses, excuses…I didn’t get much working out done last week.  Come on though…be honest…if your long lost husband stayed cuddled up in bed at 4:45 AM how easy would it be for you? Hard or not though…it is much worse if you don’t.

Lesson #5:  Back to the self defeating thoughts…when you let your husband’s weight loss successes define your journey as a big fat fail…you are much more likely to give up.  

Chase and I started….well…RE-started…this little journey together a few months ago, and while I have made progress, Chase has MADE PROGRESS! Now, don’t misunderstand me, I am beyond proud of his dedication and success.  I mean…he looks freaking sexy.  Selfishly though, it is really hard to see friends and family and see them crap their pants and their jaws drop to the ground at the transformation he has made.  Why is it so easy for him? Why is this journey so freaking hard for me? Why do I want to go eat a gallon of Blue Bell in cave…alone…when this happens?
This picture might explain part of the problem….

The other part of the problem would be that I sometimes forget that my journey is about ME.  It is about learning to live a healthy life as a wife, worker, friend, sister, daughter, and all the other roles I play, without losing sight of my goals.

Lesson #6: It’s A-ok to be a junky!

Thanks to my pals Meredith and Brandy, I’m addicted to Advocare products and supplements.  It started with Spark.  Now I’m trying to get addicted to all kinds of pills and drinks.  I just started the 24 Day Challenge today.

Basically the 24 Day Challenge has 2 phases.  The first phase is a 10 day ‘detox phase’….”The purpose of cleanse is not to lose weight, though you likely will lose weight. The purpose of is to detoxify your body and remove toxins so that your body is better prepared to absorb the nutrients in phase two.” The second phase is a 14 day ‘max phase’….”this phase is designed to increase energy levels, control your appetite and provide healthy fuel for your body to burn off excess fat.”

I’ll try to keep you updated on how the challenge is going.

Lesson #7: There is really no substitute for good friends.

I feel really, really blessed to have awesome friends in my life.  I have gotten to catch up with old ones, make new ones, and hang with my good ones over the past couple of months.  Friends, I have come to realize…MY LIFE WOULD SUCK WITHOUT YOU! (Now go back and sing that last sentence like Kelly Clarkson.)

I’m looking forward to forgetting about the fact that Chase is leaving for another 7 weeks this weekend, by hanging out with my girlfriends.  We gonna soak up some sun pool-side.  Can’t wait!

These are my lessons learned…and now YOU know.  Only 7 Life Lessons for now.  I’m sure I could come up with some more…but let’s be honest…only a few of you made it this far! 🙂

Coming latest furniture projects!

Staying Busy


So I have been staying busy lately.  For a few reasons.  Some of them being:

  • I’m passing time before Chase gets home
  • Work has been crazy, sucky, busy
  • I’m passing time before Chase gets home
  • I have had lots of furniture projects in the works
  • I’m passing time before Chase gets home
  • Love spending time with my fam
  • And…I’m passing time….before Chase gets home!
Here is what I have been up to:
  • Working on some furniture… check out my new blog post.
  • Hanging out with my family.  My baby brother got his A&M ring last weekend. 🙂

  • Crossfit.  I’m starting daily workouts this week.  I am starting to see progress…and that is awesome! Crossfit Benedictus has definitely made a believer out of me!
  • Hanging out with these 2.  We’ve been going to the park almost daily.  Romo especially is needing the extra attention.  I know this sounds crazy to some of you…but his Daddy being gone and really taken a toll on his happiness. 😦 They are cute…but don’t they look sad??
  • and shamefully, LOTS of TV:

I'm rooting for these girls!

I hope everyone has a good week! I know I will, because MY HUSBAND COMES HOME ON FRIDAY! I could not be happier!

Nasty crap.

So I have gotten a sinus infection from hell! It’s like…not good! This grosses some people out, but when I tried to pop my ears earlier…air came out of my eyes.  That’s like….not good! I usually get an allergy/sinus attack about twice a year…but I’m just not kicking this one’s butt as quickly as I usually do.  I am definitely one of those “don’t go to the doctor unless I am dying” type, so I tried a few natural/home remedies today.  Here is what I learned:

This stuff tastes like poo! I mean…for real…for real.  Like poo-poo! If it doesn’t work…I swear I might die, because that would mean that I am out $14, I have a nasty poo taste on my tongue, and STILL HAVE A SINUS INFECTION.  I know I should not hate on the stuff seeing as it’s only been about 45 minutes since I took a shot of it.  A Facebook friend told me about this little remedy, and claims it clears you up within a day of so.  So…ask me tomorrow!

I also got one of these.  A Neti Pot.  I can’t count on my fingers the number of people I know that swear by these things.  I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE.  I broke down and bought one today for $13.  After thoroughly reading the instruction manual, I gave it a go.  Let me just tell you….it HURT! It felt like I snorted baby powder up my nose.  I guess I didn’t have the breathing down right or something, so I tried again on the other side and it hurt again.  Maybe my nose just isn’t cut out for pouring salt water up it.  I don’t know how you people do it!

Needless to say…my experiments have not been pleasant ones, but I am not counting the Neti Pot/Oregonal duo out just yet.  I’m hoping this stuff has me ready to work out at Crossfit in the morning, because I had to skip today. 😦 If not…that means I’m still sick, and $27 poorer.  Bad day!



I know you can’t believe your eyes right now…but yes…this is my second blog post in ONE WEEK! WooHoo.  I am way too excited about the blessings I am experiencing on my journey not to share.

So…in the past I have mentioned Crossfit on my blog…I think.  It is an awesome strength and conditioning workout that is AMAZING!! And the cool, awesome, greatest thing is….I HAVE JOINED THE NEW CROSSFIT GYM IN ABILENE! Check it out…

I have gone to 2 of the 5:15 (yes…AM) workouts…and they kick my butt! Today after workout I was talking with Tim and Brandy (the owners) about the name of the gym and what the word benedictus translated to.  Turns out benedictus is latin for blessing.  Cool huh? All I know is I am ready to “experience the blessing of elite fitness”, so I’m going to drag my butt out of bed at 4:50 in the morning and work hard…and see how I am blessed!

I know that I can only be successful on this journey if I trust and rely on my God, and allow Him to bless my efforts! I can’t tell you how many times a day I ask for help and strength from Him…sometimes out-loud.  (Especially when my car begins to gravitate toward Sonic…my weakness.) 🙂

If you live in Abilene, I strongly recommend checking out this new gym.  It is so motivating, challenging, and uplifting!

Some blessings I have experienced on my journey over the past week:

1.   A phone call and support from an awesome friend, Leticia.

2.  Crossfit Benedictus.

3.  Processing “why I eat” with a very inspirational and brilliant person.

4.  Fat free-sugar free yogurt at Nikki’s Swirl Shop.  I’ve experienced this one a FEW times. 🙂

5.  A walk at the park with my girlfriends, Meredith and Hannah.

6.  Encouragement from my AMAZING husband, who has lost 14 lbs!

7.  My pups, Romo and Ruby, that keep me chasing them around the yard…and keep me company while Chase is gone!

8.  Spark…just discovered this one today…LOVE IT.

I’m looking forward to a weekend in Fredricksburg to celebrate my friend Molly’s upcoming nuptials!

I hope you have a good, healthy weekend!



Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini.


Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord.