Just said NO

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Just said NO:

These delicious goodies stared me in the face this week and I totally turned them down.  No roll at Roadhouse…that’s most def a first for me.  No birthday dessert…that’s another first.

Roadhouse Delicious Goodness

Fried ice cream...straight up.

Small victories! This has been a really tough week! I’m learning that I have more will power than I ever thought I did though!


About Jenni Riley

Hey! My name is Jenni Riley. I live in Abilene, Texas with my kick-A husband, Chase, and our two boxers Romo and Ruby (who are the coolest dogs on the FACE of the world)! I work in Child and Adolescent Mental Health and love it! Love my family, and love my friends that have become family. I love to be creative and crafty. My specialties are furniture and stationary. I sometimes suffer from diarrhea of the mouth when I find myself in awkward situations. I have a poor self-esteem when it comes to my body, but I’m pretty good at hiding it to most people. My close friends and husband would disagree. I love God and love people, and I am searching for peace and fulfillment….everyday. I am writing this blog as a way to share my journey with others that are on the same journey as I am. I am working toward a life of healthy eating and exercising. My main motivator is my desire to be a good example for my “in the future” children. I don’t want to pass along my horrible relationship with food and disdain for exercise to them. I hope my blog can be of some encouragement to someone, somewhere. And even if it’s not…it’s therapeutic for me to process my feelings that are so easy to bury…with food!

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  1. Jenni, your grandma is so proud of you. I guarentee you have a whole lot in yourself that you are not aware of. Keep doing what you are doing and you will discover jewels you didn’t know you had. Latch on to Psalm 37:4-6 and let the Lord bring all those jewels to the surface. I love you dearly. Grandma

  2. Great Job Baby!! I am proud of you!!

  3. Your grandma sounds like a wise woman! She is absolutely right… this experience (along with crossfit) exposes so many things about each of us that we never knew existed. You are on the path to a more fulfilling life than you have ever imagined. I am truly proud of you Jenni!

    • Thanks Kristin. I’m feeling MUCH better today!!!! I’m excited about the changes I am making and I’m not gonna lie…I’m kinda impressed with myself so far. I honestly did not know I had it in me to be this strict with my eating.

      And yes…my G-Ma is the bomb! 🙂 She is the most Godly woman I know. And she is awesome enough to A) have the internet B) Know what a blog is & C) know how to comment on you! She is the coolest!

  4. i agree with all these things!


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